From Beginner to All Star

LinkedIn Profile Optimization Course

You get it, LinkedIn is great for business, personal branding can help you reach your career goals. But where exactly do you start? 

Learn the top secrets to personal branding success from somebody that has already done it successfully, with a teeny network and a smaller budget to launch it!

Any great personal brand starts with a solid foundation, and this course will show you how you too can use your LinkedIn profile to make invaluable new connections, land new opportunities, and win more business, today. 

What you'll get from this course:

  • Learn about each section of your LinkedIn profile, why it matters, and how to optimize it so that LinkedIn ranks you higher than your competitors
  • Find out the secret tips and tricks to stand out and get noticed today
  • Attract new business opportunities with an all star profile that wows your audience 

"It was amazing...if you follow the advice you'll go far! Highly recommended." - Natalie Bergman

"Michaela, with her many qualities and skills has provided our company with the tools to venture into the world of social media. What may have seemed to be a difficult task for many of us in our company, the transition is smoothly underway with her personal guidance." - Rick Seguin

Course Curriculum

What's included?

24 Videos
5 Quizzes
22 Texts
1 Download
Michaela  Alexis
Michaela Alexis
LinkedIn Personal Branding Expert and Espresso-Fueled Entrepreneur

Meet Your Personal Branding Coach!

Hey there! 

My name is Michaela and I'm a Marketing Specialist accidentally turned Linkedin Viral Content Creator living in Ottawa, Canada. 

I had my first viral hit article on Linkedin back in March 2016, and have been writing ever since. I've gone from a few hundred to 118,000+ followers in a year, garnering multiple millions of views, comments, shares, and incredible opportunities worldwide that I could have NEVER imagined when I first clicked the publish button! 

After two years of experimenting and learning how to effectively communicate who I am with the world, I'm ready to share my biggest secrets, tips, and lessons that I haven't shared until right now. 

Ready to take back control of your career and life? Let's get to work!